We build from scratch, extend and integrate.

Magenizr is an Australian-based web development agency specialised in developing Magento modules and October CMS plugins. We partner with our clients to develop compelling digital experiences, in a low risk and cost-effective way to enable them to evolve and thrive.


We have an end-user driven mindset and believe that with the right tools and resources, any business requirement can be delivered. We provide you exceptional module development services including third party integrations to satisfy your needs as well as your business requirements.

Adobe Commerce

Power your eCommerce with rich out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations.


A fully-featured and comprehensive e-commerce solution for October CMS.

October CMS

A Laravel based and award-winning CMS platform trusted by 30,000 developers all over the world.


Lay back, we will do the heavy lifting for you.

Raygun + Magento 2

Identify technical issues before they affect your sales. Get code-level insights into the health of your application in real-time and start fixing the errors impacting your end-users experience.

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  • Enable Raygun in Magento
  • Raygun Configuration and Training
  • Set-up Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring
  • Set-up Standard and Individual Raygun Alerts
  • 7 days Support


Clients we have developed a relationship with over the years.

Laravel Support, October CMS plugins and maintenance, AWS ECS

Custom Shipping Calculator for Adobe Commerce


We are a proud partner of:


Maintaining the official Adobe Commerce module for Raygun.

October CMS

Plugin development for October CMS.


Power up your Adobe Commerce store with well-tested and implemented Adobe Commerce modules for your store. We get inspired by real-world examples from Magento agencies, clients and customers.

Admin User

Identify rarely used admin accounts. It shows you the date and time of the last login as well as failed login attempts.


Disable all customer export features and mask personal information such as email and phone number.


Save time by duplicating records such as Catalog and Cart Price Rules, CMS Pages and Blocks or Categories.

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